The Difference Between hand tied tape in extensions And Tape In Hair

The main difference between hand-tied tape-in extensions and regular tape-in extensions lies in their construction and application method.

Hand-tied tape-in extensions: Hand-tied tape-in extensions are created by attaching individual hair strands to a hand-tied weft, which is a thin strip of fabric. The weft is then attached to the natural hair using double-sided tape. This method provides a more seamless and natural-looking result as the hand-tied weft is thinner and lies closer to the scalp. It also allows for more flexibility and movement in the hair.

Regular tape-in extensions: Regular tape-in extensions consist of hair strands that are pre-taped with an adhesive strip. The extensions are applied to the natural hair by sandwiching a section of hair between two tape-in extensions. This method offers a quicker application process and is suitable for adding length and volume to the hair.

In summary, hand-tied tape-in extensions involve attaching individual hair strands to a hand-tied weft, while regular tape-in extensions come with pre-taped hair strands. Hand-tied tape-ins provide a more seamless and flexible result, while regular tape-ins offer a faster application process.